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How To Get 500+ Followers Per Week On Instagram Using Facebook Ads

How To Get 500+ Followers Per Week On Instagram Using Facebook Ads

Instagram Growth Using Paid Media

The number #1 question I always get as a digital consultant is: “How can we grow our instagram profile?”, or “Can I grow my instagram from 0 to 10K followers easily?”

My answer is always: “Provide value to grow your instagram, solve problems, or do collaborations…” But not everyone has the time to do all of this.

So what I’m about to share with you is a shortcut to Instagram’s growth supported with a proof on my personal brand’s Instagram account showing you how I grew my profile with over 1000+ followers in 14 days, just promoting it in a very smart and out-of-the-box-way!

You need to follow the next 10 steps in order to know how exactly how I did this.

Step 1: Open The Facebook Ads Manager:

Go to your facebook news feed and click on the dropdown menu on the top right.

If you haven’t opened the Ads Manager before, you might find something like “Advertising On Facebook”, simply click on it and go with the process, it’s self explanatory so I’m not going to explain how to setup a facebook ads account in this blog, but I promise you there will be a blog post and a free course explaining how to get started with Facebook Ads.

Opening Ads Manager

After clicking on manage ads, you should see the dashboard of your ads manager similar to the one down below, but without the numbers. 

Once you see this dashboard, you need to click on the +Create that I highlighted in the screenshot down below.

Creating A Campaign On Facebook Ads

Step 2: Create a Traffic Camapign:

The screenshot below is the first page you’ll see directly after clicking on +Create. Choose the objective called Traffic under the consideration stage. I’ll explain later in this blog post why we’re choosing traffic and how it helps us grow our instagram account.

Facebook Ads Manager Marketing Objectives

Step 3: Craft Your Adset & Your Target Audience

Once you select the marketing objective of your Facebook Ad, you’ll get redirected to the adset where you select the destination of you Ad, create your target audience, and select the budget and duration.

Follow the steps I’ve put in the screenshot down below, In my case, I’m targeting people interested in digital marketing and entrepreneurship related interests because my content says if someone is interested in learning digital marketing and earning money online, then my profile is the solution for them.

Traffic campaign destination
Digital Marketing Target Audience on Facebook

The next step is to choose the placement which is the most crucial step to target people on instagram and ask them to follow you there and only there.

When you reach the placement part, simply exclude all placements and keep the Instagram placements (News Feed, Explore, Stories). Screenshot attached below for your reference.

Selecting Instagram as a placement on Facebook Ads

Regarding the budget and duration, it really depends on your capabilities and the duration you prefer, but in my case, I spend in totla around $72 over 14 days and got 1,061 Followers.

So after choosing the targeting, placement, ad budget, & duration, it’s time for the next step.

Step 4: Uploading the creating and inserting the text with the Instagram link

Before thinking or talking about anything in this stage, first you need to think about your creative idea or what is know as the communication message.

Like what are you going to talk with your audience and in which format they’ll see your ad (Video or Image).

The recommended approach for this is the following:

1. Always think of using a video in your communication because it has a higher conversion rate and it connects with people more than a static image or a gif.

2. Let your video have a hook, problem, solution, and a CTA (call-to-action). For example, In my video I said: I know you’re interested in Digital Marketing (Hook), a lot of “Gurus” sell courses for thousands of dollars without actually providing any value (Problem), I’m sharing FREE digital marketing content on my instagram profile and I’m helping everyone who ask me via DM’s (Solution), Click the link or swipe up to follow me now! (CTA).

Once you decided on your video and text, follow the next steps to finalize your campaign and launch it.

Make sure that your Instagram page is linked to your Facebook page. 

And the way to link your Instagram account to your facebook page is going to Your facebook page > Settings > Instagram > Login

Instagram Integration

Moving forward, when reaching the Ad part, you need to make sure you’re selecting the right Facebook Page with the right Instagram account, and don’t worry, you ads wont show on Facebook…

Facebook Linked to Instagram

After finishing this step, you need to select your creative (Video or Image), Make sure to follow the exact same steps in the video down below.

Click On Create Ad > Choose Single Image or Video > Click on Add Media and Select Image or Video

Choosing the creative on the Facebook ads manager dashboard

Once you select your media format, you’ll need to include a text or what’s known as a “caption” in the primary text field, then simply insert the link of your instagram profile which is , so in my case, the link of my instagram profile is

For more reference check out the screenshot down below to see how I did it for my ad that I got from 1,061 followers in around 2 weeks.

Ad Preview from The Ads Manager

Once finishing all these steps, you click on the green button that says “Confirm” and you’re good to go, your campaign is live.

Step 5: Measuring Results & Conversion Rate

Now let me give you a sneak peak on the results I got and how much each follower costed me.

Traffic to Instagram Campaign results

As shown in this screenshot here, I got 1,335 clicks with $0.06 as an average CPC leaving me with a spend of $78.

Out of these 1,335 who clicked, I got 1,061 people who followed my page, which means that I got around 80% conversion rate from this campaign and with a cost per follower around $0.07.


It has been proven to you that you can increase your followers in no time, just go ahead and take action and don’t let fear stop you.

If you’re interested in learning more about Facebook Ads and learning these skills, make sure to DM me on my instagram:

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