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Stepping stone

After years of working dead-end jobs, Mo landed a better paying dead-end job at Burger King, since when was that an upgrade? It had a positive outcome though when his best friend went to his branch and ordered her meal, she commented on how well he handled the sale and how skilled he was in sales. This was a turning point in Mo’s life since it was the definite factor that made him choose to go through college instead of being stuck in minimum-wage employment. He went on to perfect his salesman skills in more profitable and high-end restaurants as a waiter which led to a significant income increase that facilitated his journey through university.

Living in the moment

Throughout his recent freelance and employment jobs, he was able to accumulate over fifteen million dollars in advertising budgets in five years. Helping businesses grow and creating online businesses became part of his repertoire as he tackled increasingly challenging projects that ultimately improved his income. Documenting his journey over the next years while helping new startups and struggling businesses is his goal behind his personal brand that he is currently building from the ground up. At the moment, he is working as a digital consultant for multiple worldwide businesses and startups while being on the verge of launching different affiliate marketing and drop-shipping businesses to eventually reach his goals.

My Story

Mo Hakim wasn’t always a driven adult, nor was he aspiring to become a fortune 500 elite until he saw the possibilities of his mind.

Early-life maturity

Growing up in an average household with both parents working hard to present him with a decent way of life, Hakim had his plans laid out in advance: finish school, graduate from college, and land an average paying job. The thing is, life can have a twisted and dark sense of humor. In one fateful year, his father turned his back on that lifestyle to pursue a risky but profitable endeavor that could possibly end all financial issues in the future. Not long after, Mo’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to quit her job to receive very expensive treatment. Any adult would be devastated after receiving such news but here’s the kicker: Mo Hakim was only 13 years of age at the time. After long tearful and sleepless nights he realized he had to take responsibility and try as much as he can to increase the household income to help his sick mother while his father is away in Africa. Speaking of which, his father’s business fell victim to an armed robbery that drove it to bankruptcy.

First jobs are the worst

Mo had the impression that finding a job would help out significantly around the house, that idea shattered when he landed a job being a handyman helper which wasn’t exactly the textbook definition of an opportunity but at the time he was inexperienced, had no negotiation skills, and had no idea how much he should get paid. Working 9 to 10 hours a day after school fixing air conditioners, painting houses, and even fixing people’s plumbing (talk about a crappy job). He was so tired after shifts he sometimes fell asleep while taking showers and the worse part wasn’t even his 300$ monthly salary, his boss was such a dictator humiliation became a daily routine for the 13-year-old school student.

Graduation salvation

During his years in college, Hakim was constantly made fun of for being too invested in his goals. Being called all sorts of names by his fellow students did not slow Mo down though and he finally landed a job (that does not involve serving food) in a social media agency. As soon as that happened, the same brats that called him names came back begging for his inputs. His college instructors’ words that stuck in his head gave him an idea of where to go and how to proceed in life, they taught him that this was a raw market that wasn’t saturated yet. That pushed him to learn on his own and apply his newly found knowledge in his current job to reach his goals at a faster rate. When he realized that his older coworkers were way behind him, Mo realized it was time to move on and learn more from other companies and he did just that. His next couple of jobs gave him the tools he needed to reach his goals and make a significant change in his life.